* Wash your hands and surfaces you are using thoroughly before playing with slime. Do not use antibacterial soap or cleanser, if you do, make sure it's thoroughly rinsed clean before handling slime. Do not use lotion on your hands with clear slime.

Watch my slime care video for more info.

I just received my slime, what now??
First, bring it inside and don't open the container until it's room temperature, it may be too hot or frozen, depending on the weather. Next, open carefully and test the slime with just the tip of your finger. Is it sticky? Is it runny? Does it seem ok? Cloud cremes and Cloud Doughs seldom need any help, you probably need to just take them out and stretch and fluff them a bit to get rid of any stickiness. If they do need a touch of borax, only add 1 drop at a time, stretch for 2-3 minutes before adding any more. See below for borax mixture! HOW TO ADD BORAX TO YOUR SLIME: Take the borax baggie that you received with your slime, it's the little bag of white powder. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of borax into 1 cup of hot water. Mix completely and thoroughly until you can't see any more white particles in the bottom of the water. Let it cool to room temperature. Then add VERY SMALL AMOUNT of borax mixture to your slime. Cloud Cremes & Doughs- 1 drop at a time, other slimes, 1/8 teaspoon at a time. Mix, stretch and squish with just your fingertips for 2-3 minutes, then assess your slime and decide if you need more. LESS IS ALWAYS BETTER! You can always add more if needed, can't take it away once you've added it! Store your leftover borax mixture in a sealed container so you can activate your slime again when it gets sticky. Be sure to clearly label your borax water so no one mistakes it for drinking water! Have fun!
Why is my slime runny?
Slime degrades naturally over time. When your slime starts to turn runny, add a small amount of borax solution and mix in.
Why isn't my container full? Why did my slime deflate?
We sell slime by the fluid ounce, not by weight. Your container will be filled to the Fill To line on your chosen size. Our slimes are not made with shaving cream or any similar substance, therefore, they do not deflate. They do settle some in shipping, and some air bubbles work their way out, that's why we overfill our containers. You will lose some slime in handling, sticking to hands or surfaces and washing it away. We cannot guarantee that your slime will not decrease in volume for these reasons.
I added too much Borax, what can I do?
Put your slime back into it's container and set aside for a few days, it should return back to how it was suppose to be.
How much Borax should I add?
Mix 1/2 tsp Borax into 1 cup of warm water and mix until dissolved. Add 1/8 tsp to your slime and mix thoroughly before adding more.
Why does my slime stink?
Slime can harbor bacteria if hands and surfaces are not properly cleaned before playing with it, and it can eventually cause the slime to smell. Try adding a small amount of unscented hand sanitizer to the slime and massage through.