Sea Fairy Water Slime from YT

Sea Fairy Water Slime from YT

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 As seen in Andrea's Youtube video, Sea Fairy (click the link to see at about 6:45) is a clear blue WATER SLIME! This water slime is softer and more jiggly than a normal slime, lots of fun to play with, poke and squish, but Andrea recommends playing with it in the jar or a bowl, as it is more liquid than other slimes.

This one has lots of iridescent glitter, a light blue pigment, fishbowl beads, and lots of water!

Andrea asked, you said you wanted this one in the shop, so here it is! 

Be sure to wash your hands before touching, rinse well and no lotion so you don't cloud this clear slime.

All orders ship with an activator packet and instructions.

Colors may blend some in shipping.
Most slime will get a little sticky in shipping, so please follow the enclosed instructions, and you'll have superb slime in no time! Be sure to seal it back in it's container after squeezing and squishing to keep that great texture.

*not edible, may stick to some surfaces*

Always wash and moisturize hands before handling to avoid contaminating slime.
Please use caution in handling if you believe you may have an allergy to ingredients in my slimes!