Pumpkin Spiced Milk
Pumpkin Spiced Milk
Pumpkin Spiced Milk

Pumpkin Spiced Milk

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A new texture to the Peachybbies shop! Scented the most realistic and yummy scent of the essence of a pumpkin spice latte layered into a thick, chewy white glue slime base. This is one of our thicker recipes, perfect for anyone who loved creamier, smoother textures. of slime! Great for ASMR and so satisfying to make bubble pops with!

Texture: Thick n Glossy

Color: White

Scent: Pumpkin Spice, Creamy Vanilla

Add-ins: Pumpkin Chunks, Chocolate Chunks, Rainbow Crumbs

We include these special extras in each Peachybbies order:

  • Custom Peachybbies pencil
  • Yellow Peachybbies logo sticker
  • Pink Peachybbies pattern sticker 
  • Slime Activator pen 
  • Peachybbies wristband (currently out of stock)

See this slime in action: