Pink Flamingo Cloud Creme Slime!

Pink Flamingo Cloud Creme Slime!

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Pink Flamingo Cloud Creme is a thick, stretchy flamingo pink cloud cream, scented like Sour Cherry Rock Candy, and topped with large bright pink foam beads.  Soft, squishy, stretchy and spreadable, this is so satisfying to play with!

Lots of texture because it's a cloud creme, so fun to swirl, drizzle, and squish to your heart’s content.

Foam beads may lose color with time.  Remember- Cloud Cremes need a lot less borax than other slimes, be sure to stretch and fluff your slime for several minutes before deciding whether to add borax solution.

PLEASE NOTE: This slime needs much less borax to re-activate than other slimes, and is easily over-activated. Please mix thoroughly first to see if borax is needed. Then add only a DROP or so, knead for several minutes before you add more if needed. Cloud Cremes may increase in volume as you play with it. Buyer takes all responsibility for the amount of borax they add to their slime.

All orders ship with an activator packet and instructions.

Colors may blend some in shipping.
Most slime will get a little sticky in shipping, so please follow the enclosed instructions, and you'll have superb slime in no time! Be sure to seal it back in it's container after squeezing and squishing to keep that great texture.

*not edible, may stick to some surfaces*

Always wash and moisturize hands before handling to avoid contaminating slime.
Please use caution in handling if you believe you may have an allergy to ingredients in my slimes!