Euphoria Velvet
Euphoria Velvet
Euphoria Velvet

Euphoria Velvet

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A new slime texture to Peachybbies! First of all, this slime has a calming and relaxing hand-blended scent of pink sugar with notes of baby powder and sweet cream cold brew. Secondly, THE TEXTURE! Soft, dry, and holdable just like velvet fabric! Very similar to a thick cloud creme with a bit more drizzle and chew to it, this is a must-try if you love using slimes to calm stress or anxiety

Texture: Velvet Cloud

Color: Purple

Scent: Pink Sugar, Baby Powder, Sweet Cream Cold Brew

Add-ins: Metallic Shimmer, Iridescent Heart Glitter          

We include these special extras in each Peachybbies order:

  • Custom Peachybbies pencil
  • Yellow Peachybbies logo sticker
  • Pink Peachybbies pattern sticker 
  • Slime Activator pen 
  • Peachybbies wristband (currently out of stock)

See this slime in action: