Charli’s Cold Brew

Charli’s Cold Brew

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Inspired by Charli’s new Dunkin Drink! Scented like sweet cream, ice cold coffee and a hint of salty caramel - it smells better than the real thing! Glossy clear “coffee” base slime with a thick & glossy “sweet cream” cup you can mix together yourself! This texture is glossy, clicks, and makes amazing bubble pops!

Texture: Thick n Glossy + Clear

Color: Creamy Coffee

Scent: Charli’s Dunkin’

Add-ins: Ice (2 cubes), Cup of white "creamer" to add to your slime


**slime comes in standard plastic container**

We include these special extras based on package size:

*Subject to availability. Some extras may be removed or substituted at time of order.

1 slime: 

  • Yellow Peachybbies logo sticker
  • Pink Peachybbies pattern sticker 
  • Slime Activator pen 
  • Peachybbies wristband

2-3 slimes (11oz or more) :

  • Everything from above, PLUS
  • Custom Peachybbies Designer Box
  • Mochi Squishy Toy

4+ slimes:

  • Everything from above, PLUS
  • Squishy Toy instead of Mochi Squishy